Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter at Wisley

As I mentioned in my previous post we recently visited RHS Wisley.
The garden looked beautiful even on a chilly winter's day.
 And it was chilly!  I was glad to warm up a little in the alpine houses.  I have always loved alpines.
 Outside there were still some roses in bloom.  I thought these two were the prettiest -
"Brother Cadfael"
"Gold Spice"
 The seedheads of Ligularia "Britt Marie Crawford" looked rather special too.
 The first snowdrops?
 OH stopped by the swathes of bamboo for a photo,
 before we went into the glasshouse 
 to see the Christmas displays.

 It was so warm in here that camera steamed up!

Back outside we admired the trees and their reflections in the ponds.
 It was very quiet around the gardens; I guess everyone was Christmas shopping!

 My favourite display was outside the garden entrance.  Lots of white lights in the bed of grasses and over the olive trees.
So beautiful!


Crafty in the Med said...

oh! dear sorry to tell you this all your photos have disappeared. At least this is what I can see on my screen and I can see photos on other bloggers posts. There is just a grey stop sign in the middle of the space where they should be!!!

keep well

Amanda :-)

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Amanda, Thank you for letting me know, they are back now. Merry Christmas, Pj x