Friday, 17 January 2014

The Day Without Photos!

Wednesday I met my BF in London for a girls' only day shopping.  The evening beforehand I decided I needed some boot cuffs to wear, so out came the crochet hook and some Stylecraft DK in black that was left over from a previous project.  The reason I wanted these cuffs was that the zip tops on my boots often snag my tights and boot cuffs stop this, in addition to looking decorative.  A quick search on-line found this pattern which I adapted to suit my DK yarn.
 So all set with my new boot cuffs I caught the train to London.  This was the first time we had ditched the husbands and gone on our own.  I took my camera, but it never came out of my bag!  That must be a first for me!!  We headed to Oxford Street and talked and laughed our way through the day.  L's daughter joined us late afternoon for a final spot of shopping.  After an evening meal we headed home in separate directions, determined to do this more often.
The sales were still on in many shops and I bought this Mint Velvet top.  I love this brand!
 I made a beeline to the haberdashery department in John Lewis
 and scored some half price Louisa Harding Hand Beaded Grace yarn in India
 and Reflection.
 Also in Cream, Champagne and Russet!
L also bought some - I'm a bad influence! :)
I'm looking forward to knitting with this yarn, but need to finish off some WIP's first, including the doily for my giveaway which is still open - to enter just click on the picture in the side bar, or here and leave a comment.  I'm also taking part in two Valentine swaps.  One is being organised by Tracy of Mad About Bags and another is a Secret Sender style swap.  So I am busy making for those as well.  That should keep me out of mischief for a little while! ;)
Best wishes, Pj x


Connie said...

It sounds like you had a marvelous day and I love the velvet jacket that you bought. It is beautiful!
I'm having another Give-A-Way please come visit and put your name in the hat :)
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
P.S. next time you travel to London, take your camera out of your bag.
I can only dream of going to London for a day of shopping :) Love photos.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Connie, it is so unlike me not to use my camera! I promise to do better next time! ;) Best wishes, Pj x