Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer is finally here!

After all that rain ...
... we finally have some summer sunshine!
Some family members have been lazing the hot days away :)
and others have been sitting on the patio enjoying the warmer evenings, having a BBQ.  I made some chickpea and lentil burgers, flavoured with spring onions and Stilton.  The carnivores liked them too!
I have spent most of my evenings out here, shoehorning the summer plants into the borders, often until 10pm.
I now only have 4 trays of plants left on my patio table! :)
 The best flowers in the garden at the moment are the roses, foxgloves and poppies.

 The clematis
 and Sweet Williams are looking lovely too.
The hanging baskets and window box are starting to fill out.
I have bought some shading for the greenhouse this year.  Usually I paint the outside of the glass during the summer, but my borders are crammed so full of plants that there is nowhere to stand in order to paint!
The tomato plants are starting to flower in the greenhouse, but the ones at the allotment are looking a little sick.
I still have the chrysanthemums in the greenhouse
and a baby lizard!
My chilli plants are still quite small, but hopefully they will catch up soon.  I have also sown a few more seeds - carrots, beans, spring onions, parsnip and parsley in the greenhouse as backups for the ones sown at the allotment.
 Up at the allotment we are now picking strawberries.
I have planted out my runner beans and a sweet potato plant.  This is the first year we have tried to grow sweet potatoes.
 The beetroot and other seedlings are sprouting, but the carrots are a little slow.
Ella has been joining me in the garden ...
... bird watching!

 Crafting has taken a back seat this past week, as I have been spending so much time in the garden. My parents have also been staying here for a few days, but they have now gone back home.  I have been crocheting a few more squares for my Springtime Throw and I have blocked the Dahlia Squares for my cushion, so next I need to join them and crochet an edging ... if I can resist the lure of the garden! ;)


Mac n' Janet said...

What a beautiful garden! Love Sweet Williams, they're very hit or miss for me, some years ok, some years not.
Our cat has melted for the summer.

littleRamstudio said...

Need the recipe for those burgers!
Gorgeous flowers, love the lilac climbing rose and that 'shaggy' poppy.

Heather >^..^<

Jane said...

Oh Pj, your garden is looking fabulous. I love that pink shaggy poppy, what is it? I have a cat who enjoys sleeping in the garden too, unfortunately he has a lot of white on him so is looking decidedly grubby. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend in the garden.
Jane x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Janet, Heather & Jane, it's lovely to hear from you all. Your poor kitty Janet! Heather - I will write up the recipe on my recipe blog today. Jane - Ella usually loves rolling in the soil during the summer and is often more grey than white, but so far this summer she has stayed clean - probably because not much soil is visible! :)I don't know the name of the poppy as I inherited it on my old allotment, but I am happy to send some seeds to you if you email your address to me. Best wishes, Pj x