Sunday, 1 June 2014

Shopping, Crafting and Gardening

Last week I bought this apron pattern by Janet Clare, having seen it on Kandipandi's blog and then again on Sew Canny's Instagram page.  I had been thinking about making an apron for myself to wear whilst cooking and baking and this one fitted the bill.  Friday we took a trip up to Birmingham to clear out Jay's flat and afterwards we did a spot of shopping.  Looking for something completely different at the time, I stumbled across this natural cotton fabric and bought some to make my apron from.  I didn't want to spent too much money on the fabric for this first apron, so that I don't get too precious about it! :)  I'm looking forward to playing with the decoration on this apron.
 I also bought these two bird cages to place on the back of my garage wall and I plan to have flowers in them.  They are to replace two existing plastic pots.  When I water the higher of the two at the moment, I usually end up getting a shower! :)  Hopefully these bird cages will be more practical.  In any case, they are a lot prettier and match the two-tiered stand that I recently bought for the patio.
 We have travelled to Birmingham and back so often now, along the motorway, so I usually spend the time crocheting rather than looking out the window.  Having completed my Dahlia Squares, which I still need to finish blocking, I made several more of these little squares for my Springtime Throw.
 As you can tell the sun is shining this Sunday morning, so I have taken all of my photos out in the garden.  Maurice followed me to see what was going on.  It is so lovely to finally have some sunshine.
But jumping back to Saturday and we were shopping again.  This time we went to Winchester, with the plan to visit my favourite jewellery shop Loot, to purchase a Trollbead for my birthday.  We had to order it as it wasn't in stock, but I don't mind as I love visiting Winchester with its history and pretty places to walk along the riverside.  We stopped here on a bench for a picnic as the day was warm and dry.  The sun just didn't manage to break through the cloud cover.

I might not have returned home with my Trollbead, but I did make a few other purchases.  Having hurt my feet just before Easter, I now find walking a little painful, so I am having to put my beloved Birkenstocks away.  Yesterday I found these. They are a lot more comfortable for me to wear at the moment.
Having said that, look what I nipped out into the garden in this morning!!  These are my old Birkenstocks that I potter around the garden in .. . well, I'm not about to wear my shoes in the garden, am I!? :)

My other buys were craft related:-
three fat quarters for various projects,
some ribbons and trim
and some more yarn for my throw.
 As the sun is shining the plan for today is to try to fit these plants that I have grown into my garden.  Maybe we can then claim back the patio table for a barbecue.
I just don't know where I am going to fit them all!

 The Sweet Williams are beginning to bloom now
and the bees are loving them.

I guess my first job is to remove the buttercups that seem to have hopped over the fence!
 That is space for one plant, now for the rest ...


littleRamstudio said...

Slowly trying to achieve here the 'bursting out all over' border effect that you have so successfully done in your lovely garden

thesnailgarden said...

Hi littleRamstudio, my garden is bursting at the seams a little too much at the moment - a bit like me really! :) I'm having trouble fitting my summer plants in and need to cut some of that jungle down, as everything seeds itself freely around my garden. Best wishes, Pj x

Jane said...

Your garden is looking glorious Pj, but you might have to get the shoe horn out to get all those plants on the table in! Your garden table made me smile a bit as ours is always covered in plants waiting for a space. I love your ribbons, especially the cats and looking forward to seeing your springtime throw with those pretty little squares. Have a good week.
Jane x

Deb Hickman said...

There are some nice purchases there, I live those birdcages and your garden is beautiful. I love the little Springtime throw squares, i really should finish mine, I only need to finish joining them and add a border.
Btw, if you can knit you can knit a pair of socks, they are a lot easier than they look, if you start of with a plain pair to get use to the construction. Deb x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Deb,thank you for visiting me. I am determined to finish my WIPs, starting with the Springtime Throw. I have knitted Christmas stockings before, but not actual socks. I fancied the toe up workshop at unwind, but it is not for beginners. Best wishes, Pj x

silverpebble said...

What a beautiful garden you have!