Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Day Trip to London

Saturday was the start of the cold snap that we are having here in the South of England.  As we drove to tai chi it was -1'C, but as the day promised to be dry we planned to go to London after our class.
We arrived in London late morning and headed to the city centre through the Blackwall Tunnel, which goes under The Thames.
The main reason for our trip was to see Lumiere London, but first we headed to Islington as I wanted to visit Loop.
I left my husband to look around the antique stalls and shops

whilst I went into Loop.
I already knew that I wanted to buy their new book, but was delighted to see Kirsten Kapur's shawl book there too.  Of course I couldn't leave without a skein of yarn!
This shop is such an Aladdin's cave of yarny goodness!

 I eventually managed to drag myself away and remarked to S that The Hummingbird Bakery was only a short distance away.
He didn't take much persuading! :)
We both choose coffee and a red velvet cupcake, which was delicious.
We left the bakery and headed to King's Cross Station.
This is the location of Platform 9 3/4 of Harry Potter fame.
There was a floral tribute to Alan Rickman who sadly died last week.

The inside of the shop was beautifully decorated, but very crowded!

M loves Hedwig so we couldn't leave without a little gift for her.
Once it was dark it was time for the main reason for our visit to London, to see Lumiere, a series of light art installations around the capital.
King's Cross


 St James's
 These floating whales were my favourite installation.

We only got to see the rear of the elephant! :)

  Carnaby Street
 Oxford Circus


 The abbey was by far the prettiest installation

 and the detail was amazing!

 By now it was rather late and we were rather hungry, so we headed to Tower Hill and into Wagamama's with a view of The Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
 It had been a rather chilly day, so copious amounts of green tea were needed to warm us up!
As we admired the view a few snowflakes began to fall, but they didn't last. :(

We wandered around looking at The Tower

and walked down to the river to see Tower Bridge.

And then it was time to go home.
 We saw a few flurries of snowflakes on our way home, but they didn't settle either.  I was hoping to wake up to snow the next morning, but it totally missed us.


sustainablemum said...

I heard about Lumiere on the radio but knew I would never get to see as we are so far from London. Thank you for your pictures it looks amazing.

The yarn you bought in Loop looks gorgeous, lovely colours.

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely day out!
We nearly went to visit for the Lumiere but decided against it in the end ... wishing we had now!

thesnailgarden said...

You are welcome. Something similar takes place in Durham, which maybe closer to you?

thesnailgarden said...

Maybe it will be an annual event. It was certainly very popular.

Kimberley said...

what incredible lighting. Can you please tell me the title,author,publisher of the Loop book? I can't see the details clear enough in the photo. I might get there one day after a 30 hour flight :). When I lived in the UK I was not knitting :(

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kimberley, the book title is 10, author Susan Cropper, ISBN 978-0-9570128-2-0, published by Heron Dawson & Sawyer. It is for sale through Loop's website http://www.loopknittingshop.com/product/6507/Loops_10