Thursday, 21 January 2016

Frozen Beauty

I love all the seasons and I'm grateful to live in a part of the world where each season is very different.  The past few days have dawned clear and bright and very, very frosty.
I wrapped up, grabbed my camera and set off on a favourite walk.
The seed heads look especially beautiful when frosted and the sunlight twinkles on the ice crystals.
Last year's tall grasses now lay on the ground, flatten by the weather.

Some seeds still cling to the plants.
I walked over the meadow

to the fields beyond the village.

The hedgerow I walked beside had thawed out in the warmth of the sun
and catkins and leaf buds were starting to open.

I love this view over the fields.

Heading back through the neighbouring village I noticed that some trees were already in blossom.
A nest was visible in the bare branches of another tree, probably leftover from last spring.
Lots of squirrels were foraging on the ground.
Even a few primroses were making an early appearance.
Time to head back home for a warming mug of coffee and some knitting.


Tracy said...

What a wonderful day for a walk, fab photos too X

sustainablemum said...

The frost and sunlight are a perfect combination aren't they? Beautiful photos.