Monday, 21 March 2016

Destination :: The Indian Ocean - House Reef

At the other end of the island was the house reef.
We swam out to it taking in the sights as we went.
Powder Blue Surgeon Fish

Clown Tang
Regal Angel Fish

When we got to the edge of the reef the seabed just dropped away 100's of metres.
My husband is a strong swimmer, but I played safe and wore a life jacket.
Blue-lined Rabbitfish

Oriental Sweetlip

We snorkelled on the house reef a couple of times and I got a little sunburnt the second time!  After this I worn a pair of my husband's shorts! :)
Parrotfish eat the coral and the ground up pieces pass through them as the sand that builds up the islands.

Spotted Unicorn Fish

Large shoals of fish swam past us in the deeper water.

Ribbon Butterfly Fish

As we headed back to the shore I spotted this table coral
and on top of it was this cushion starfish.
Next we saw this Porcupinefish
and almost back to the island we discovered this Stingray.
We swam along beside him for a short while and then headed to dry land.

Snorkelling isn't glamorous! :)

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