Tuesday, 26 September 2017

On the Trail of Jane Austen

This year it was the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's death on 18th July, so there were exhibitions held and a bookbench trail to celebrate her life and literature.  Over the course of the summer we viewed a couple of the exhibitions, found the book benches, revisited her home in Chawton and I stitched a square for the new patchwork quilt that is being made about her life.

We started with a visit to Winchester cathedral, in June, where Jane Austen is buried.
There was an exhibition of art inspired by Jane Austen.

The cathedral itself is stunning!

No matter how many times we visit I still feel a deep sense of awe.

St Swithin's shrine
A robin lives in the cathedral and was filling the place with his song.
Jane Austen's tomb

Nearby was a display that included this poem written by Jane.

The burial register with the entry for Jane's entombment.

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