Monday, 25 September 2017

June in Review

Continuing with catching up on how I spent my summer is this review of June happenings.  

My Dad had requested a thin hat to keep his head warm under his cycle helmet, so I knitted this as part of his Father's Day gift.
The next three clues of Joji Locatelli's Starting Point MKAL took up most of my crafting time.

Family and Baking
These two sections are closely related this month as I baked birthday cakes for my son and husband.
The first cake was for our son.

Then it was my husband's turn.
The other birthday in our family was mine!
Also going on in the kitchen was the start of jam making season, with blackcurrants from our allotment.
In the Garden
We had lots of pretty visitors in our garden including this bullfinch,
some goldfinches

and collared doves.
A skipper butterfly enjoying the morning sun.
June is the month for the roses.  I added Floribunda Angel Eyes to the garden.

The sweet peas started to bloom,
as did the cosmos.
In the greenhouse the first tomatoes were ripening
and we began picking the chillis.

At the Allotment 
I harvested all the blackcurrants.
Some are in the freezer and the remainder I made into jam.

Courgette season commenced! :)
The beans did very well this year.

Nature walks
In June it was all about those blue skies!

I even woke up early one day for the sunrise.

Out and About
We had a holiday and a few day trips, which I will post about separately, otherwise this will be another long post!

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