Friday, 6 October 2017

July in Review

Still time travelling! :) 

In July I finished my Starting Point Wrap by Joji Locatelli.

It is so big that I took it with us to the beach on the last day of the month to photograph!
My Mum had admired my Artisan Apron by Janet Clare, so I designed some embroideries for a apron for her birthday in August.

I crocheted a butterfly brooch and a pineapple heart doily for one shoulder.

Embroidered butterflies fluttered over the other shoulder and I stitched ribbon onto the pockets and made a circular heart doily for one of them.
All finished in time to take with us at the end of the month to Norfolk.

On the road to my parents' I worked on my Low Tide Card by Tin Can Knits and took it with us on beach trips too.
Not a lot of baking happened in July; too much birthday cake in previous months! :)
In the Garden
Or on the garden fence to be more precise! :)
Maurice sunning his whiskers.
It was busy, busy in the flowers for all the little creatures.

The first dahlias started to bloom.

Mangetout Shiraz 
and wild strawberries were ready to be picked. 

I was harvesting lots of tomatoes and chillis from the greenhouse.

At the Allotment
There was a bumper crop of lavender to be collected from the old allotment.
At the new allotment there were many vegetables to be harvested.

Nature Walks
The hedgerows were heavy with wild plums.  The yellow variety are our favourites and I made a lot of jam from them.

Everywhere was lovely and lush; all that rain we had the previous month!

Out and About
Early in the month we attended Hampton Court Flower Show.

The Hairy Bikers
My favourite part of the whole show was the butterfly dome.

We visited The Vyne for a tour of the rooftop which is being restored.

We did a lot of Geocaching.  This cache was in a spiky hawthorn ... in you go dearest! :)

At the end of the month I attended Fibre East in Bedfordshire.

After a wander around we headed up to Norfolk.

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