Friday, 6 October 2017

Sitting with Jane

This summer, 24 bookbenches were commissioned by local artists as part of the "Jane Austen 200 - A Life in Hampshire" project.  We decided over the course of the summer to visit and photograph them all.
The first we found was beside Jane's home and was called Chawton Woodwalk.

Another day in June we found several around Basingstoke town centre.
Shall We Dance? - At the Willis Museum.
There is No Doing Without Money - At the Library.

Jane Talk - Festival Place
Promenade - The Malls

Hearts - The railway station.
Beyond the Birdcage - Festival Square
Female Power - Fountains near Eastrop
The Golden Peacock - Eastrop Park

The House That Jane Built - Goldings
A Fine House Richly Furnished - War Memorial Park

On the last day of June we popped to see a bench in Old Basing.  This one was my favourite of the whole trail.
Once Upon A Time In Steventon - The Tythe Barn, Old Basing

Early August we looked for some more bookbenches, this time outside of Basingstoke centre.
A Fine Day To Sit and Look Upon Verdure - Viables Craft Centre

Are You Sitting Comfortably? - Worting House 

Girl Power - The Ark Conference Centre

Dancing With Jane - Milestones Museum

Willow Pattern - The Walled Garden

The weather wasn't always kind to us!
Regency Life - Beggarwood Park

On yet another wet day, we drove around Hampshire.
Waiting For Mr Darcy - Oakley Hall

Do You Dance Mr Darcy? - Steventon Church

Look Upon Verdure - Overton

Threads Lace and Time - Whitchurch Silk Mill

On another day, still more rain, we found one at Alton.
Bench and Benchability - The Curtis Museum, Alton

On a sunnier day, we visited Winchester for this our final bench to find.
Jane and Her Forgotten Peers - Winchester Cathedral

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Kimberley said...

wow - they are all stunning. What a fabulous idea.