Monday, 1 January 2018

December in Review - At Home

Again I am splitting up my monthly review, as during December we were out and about a lot.  After these couple of posts I am finally up-to-date with my blog and hope to be back to normal throughout 2018.
I finished the Flowerhill Shawl by Helen Stewart.  I had knitted this as a Christmas gift for my friend L.
I made a beaded bracelet as part of another friend's present.
At the beginning of December I started my Land of Sweets Cowl, again by Helen, using my Norah George Advent calendar and a few Christmas 2016 minis, also from Tracy.
Realising that I would have quite a lot of leftovers, I started designing my own mitts based on Helen's pattern.
I completed my final two needle-felted creatures for the tree.

This year I again made the gift labels.

I baked some gingerbread foxes using a cookie cutter that was gifted to me.
I cooked up and froze the remainder of our homegrown pumpkins as they wouldn't last much longer.
With some of the puree I made some pumpkin, rosemary and cheese scones.
There was lots of baking to do before the festive season.  Chestnut, cranberry and goats' cheese loaf
and a few family favourites.
Hand written recipe by my Nana.

Sausage rolls ... not bad for a vegetarian! :)
Brandy Butter for the Christmas puddings.
I bought an IKEA flatpack gingerbread house.
Inspired by the Land of Sweets, I put as many sweets on it as I could!
The cake was decorated with an icing crown and snowflakes.
I also decorated myself! :)

In the Garden
There were some frosty mornings and stunning sunrises and sunsets throughout December and in-between the days were unseasonally mild.

We had an extra bird "decoration' on the patio table!

The patio table display for Christmas and the outside lights were put up.

At the Allotment
We picked mistletoe from the hawthorn tree at our older allotment.
Christmas Preparations
Decorating for Christmas began with a wreath I made from locally and woodland foraged materials.

The tree was decorated with glass baubles and handmade decorations.
This year's decorations.

There was time for some fun!
We all dressed up for our Tai Chi class.
And time to relax before the big day.

Christmas morning my parents arrive to stay with us and the festivities began.
Dad had told Maurice to clear up any turkey that he dropped whilst carving! :)

Christmas afternoon I caked my yarn ready for my Christmas cast on.
There were crackers to be pulled.
Mum  and Dad had bought ones with a penguin race in.
Boxing Day 
Who dealt me this rubbish hand?
My son and I always play cards with my parents with much laughter.
I finally managed to cast on Dani's, Little Bobbins Knits, pattern, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The lovely yarn is Underneath the Mistletoe by A Homespun House.  Stitch marker Eva Faith.


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