Tuesday, 2 January 2018

December in Review - Out & About

My final post about 2017.  I was quite busy during the lead up to Christmas, but we still managed to fit a few day trips in; regular Christmas time visits to places we love.
Little Grey Sheep
The first trip out was to Well Manor Farm, the home of Little Grey Sheep.  We followed the signs down country lanes
until we arrived at the farm.

These ladies were greeting visitors outside the barn.

Going inside
to peruse the yarn and other goodies.

We met some friends and had tea and cake.  Some yarn was purchased! ;)
To my amazement a lady was selling this secondhand drum carder for £25!
My husband cleaned it up and it's as good as new!
We headed back to Winchester for our annual visit to the Christmas market held beside the cathedral.  It is only a small market, but is our favourite one.

A huge cauldron of mulled wine!  It smelt delicious,
but I was heading towards the mulled Highland mead!
M tried the hot, buttered beverage, but wasn't too that keen on it unfortunately.

J had the same drink as I did.

S was driving, so opted for the roast chestnuts, a favourite treat of his.

Afterwards we wandered around the shops.

Winchester looks especially pretty as dusk falls and all the lights are twinkling.

It has become a tradition of ours to celebrate the winter solstice at Stonehenge.  It rained on the way down, but cleared as we reached the car park.

We knew that it would be cloudy and that we were unlikely to see the sun,

but Stonehenge is a marvellous place to visit whatever the weather and to soak up the atmosphere.

Everyone is enjoying themselves, singing, dancing and making music.  There were people in costume and others doing yoga.

Of course the stones themselves are magical.

I've put together a short video of the choir, drumming and dancers here.


Afterwards we walked across the fields towards the barrows.

Just us and the crows.

RHS Wisley
Another annual December trip is to the gardens at RHS Wisley to experience the Glow illuminations.

And that is me all up-to-date with my blog!  It has taken a while, but I plan to post more regularly now.  Sounds like a new year's resolution!
Happy New Year.

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