Wednesday, 2 April 2008

April Sunshine and Showers


Yesterday the warmth of the sunshine encouraged the Amelanchier to start blossoming. This is my favourite blossom in my garden but it is so short-lived that it will probably be over by the time we return from our trip. The pink buds of the tree that was in the garden when we arrived.
Yesterday evening we took advantage of the longer daylight and went for another woodland walk. The first bluebells are in bloom.
My OH was quite taken with this mass of primroses.
A rogue primrose!
A friend we made on our walk.
Today it is wet here. These are the first flowers on my small Magnolia. A couple of years ago a friend was throwing it away because it had never flowered, so I rescued it and was rewarded with 42 flowers the first year. Last year it didn't do so well, so I decided to change to soil in the pot and discovered a huge ants' nest in there. This year it is flowering again, only 10 buds but I am happy to nurture it.
A shady corner.

The first tulips.

Unopened beauty.
A rogue cowslip!
A narrow escape! This bold squirrel had been taking advantage of the cats sleeping indoors and had been retrieving hazelnuts from our garden - he didn't realise that Ella had seen him and gone outside.

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