Monday, 28 April 2008

Gardening & Other WIPs

My wisteria is starting to flower. It is trained up the middle post and along the front of our covered pergola.

I have potted up the tomato plants into their final pots in the greenhouse. I am keeping an eye out for frosts! I lost most of my squash plants to a particularly sharp frost last month, so I have had to start again with some more seeds. Also in the greenhouse are aubergine plants, mizuna, lettuce, strawberries and some freshly sown dwarf and bolotto beans. The 3 new blueberry plants will soon go onto the patio.
Saturday we managed a trip to the allotment. Recently it has been too wet to work up there but now we have planted out the potatoes and the broad beans that I had grown in pots. The rhubarb is romping away - my freezer will be full of it.

Robin having his breakfast this morning.

The one that got away! I was so busy taking this Lily Beetle's photo that he took the opportunity to escape! There go my lilies!!

Other WIPs probably is the wrong title as I haven't even started these! I need to finish Fay's evening wrap before I start anything else. I am still only half way through it, only having completed 5 rows in the last 2 weeks, but I am going to be strict with myself and complete it before starting anything else. Anyone else out there with these good intentions? I used to work with someone who was fond if the saying " the way to hell is paved with good intentions".

Moving swiftly onto my planned WIPs ... on my recent trip to New York I visited Purl and Purl Patchwork and purchased this gorgeous Japanese silk yarn, to make into corsages. I'm not sure whether they will be knitted or crocheted.

Also this Japanese fabric to sew into summer skirts. I haven't done any dress-making for myself for many years, usually I make fancy dress and ballet costumes. Sorry about the creased state of the fabric, this is how it came out of my suitcase!Finally, some patchwork fabric for a forum quilt along.
I know I said finally but I also recently bought some wool to make knitted cupcakes! Talking of cupcakes I couldn't resist these whilst I was on holiday.

I'm not even going to mention my original WIPs - they haven't been finished either! I have recently changed my hours at work. I now work in the mornings and for an hour longer - I need to get myself into a new routine and then hopefully I will get some craft time.


Greentwinsmummy said...

your wisteria is lovely,I was eyeing them up at the ggarden centre the other day but they seem so expensive :oS & I am worried about spending that & having it die on me!
The cup cake book looks amazing :o)

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you GTM. I bought my wisteria from a nursery 3 years ago as quite a small plant, so it wasn't expensive.

Greentwinsmummy said...

ahh thts an idea,the ones I saw were admittedly quite large,10foot plsu high.I will keep my eye out for a smaller one & patience to let it grow!

Leanne said...

i'm sorry that he will eat your lilies, but the little red beetle is very sweet!

As GTM said, the wisteria is beautiful!

is that a book in the photograph, or a knitting pattern please?

leanne x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Leanne, it's a cake decorating book. I fell in love with the cat ones. I'll post a picture of any I make - if they turn out okay;0) !

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Those fairy cakes look adorable! I want to make some :D