Monday, 14 April 2008

New York

Day 1

A wild and windy walk on a deserted Long Island beach.

With only the birds for company.

My romantic husband drawing hearts in the sand.

In the afternoon we visited the New York Botanical Garden.

We saw some different birds and beasts.

There was an amazing orchid show on in the conservatory.

Sansai Blue


Jade Vine

A legume that is often mistaken for an orchid.

Day 2

We took a bus into New York City and walked and walked and walked!

Time Square
Central Park St Patrick's

Grand Central

Chrysler Building

Lobby Ceiling

The Flatiron

And we finished the day by going to the Top of the Rock.

Day 3

My husband had to work today so I explored on my own. First stop were the 2 Purl shops in Soho, where I bought some silk yarn to knit with and some Japanese cotton material to sew into skirts.

The Empire State BuildingDay 4

On my own for the last time today, so I walked to the UN building.

Sculpture in the Peace Garden.

There was an excellent exhibition of cartoon drawings on the ground floor.

St. Barts.

The mosaics in the foyer of St. Barts are stunning.

In the afternoon I went up the Empire State Building. Visibility was 5 miles.

Day 5

We took the subway downtown to Manhattan.

The war memorial in front of the financial district.

The plan was to take the Liberty/Ellis Island ferry but the queue was 3 hours long! Instead we went on the Staten Island ferry which provided great views of the Statue of Liberty. The Stock Exchange.

City Hall.
The deli's in New York are justifiably famous. We often ate in them but today was so hot we had a take out. This was my dessert! Good job we were doing lots of walking!

Next we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Day 6

We took the subway again, this time to Soho where we found this amazing shop called Evolution that sells fossils, gem stones and bugs, including scorpions in lolly-pops!

One thing that was really noticeable about New York was how friendly everyone is, including the squirrels.

Iconic subway vent.

At about 3pm the mist descended.

The Rockefeller Building.

The Grace Building.

42nd Street.

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