Friday, 29 August 2008

Florida Week 1 Part 1

Our pad in Orlando for the duration of the holiday.

The Magic Kingdom.

OH was very pleased to see smoked turkey legs on sale as snacks. He is such a carnivore!

Everything is Mickey Moused even the waffles. This one's mine!

The Haunted Mansion

The Kennedy Space Centre

This was a very interesting and informative day.

Armadillo crossing!

Sea monster at Indian Rocks, Clearwater.

Discovery Cove.

An unmissable experience that included feeding cow-nosed rays, swimming with tropical fish and manta-rays, and an amazing dolphin experience.

This day warrants a post all of its own.


I enjoyed Epcot far more than I was expecting to. Great rides - the faster the better! World showcase was very detailed, with each section promoting goods from their part of the world, some had 360' cinemas showing films of their countries.
Under the Seas included an aquarium that I enjoyed. Jay asked if I had to take a photo of every fish!

Queen Conch

Giant Clam


World Showcase

Representation of the Terracotta Army.

Jay and a Norwegian troll.


I wasn't expecting to see gondolas in Florida.

Reflections of Earth.

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