Saturday, 30 August 2008

Florida Week 2 Part 1

The Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest in the background.

Tyrannosaurus Rex "Sue"

Exact replica of the most complete T Rex ever found.

South Dakota August 1990.

90% complete.

I as lucky enough to see one of these in the wild on a nest.

Mickey on parade.

Wild birds roosting.

Busch Gardens

More fast rides and lots of animal watching.

This wooden rollercoaster was a bit rough - made my brain rattle!

American Alligator

We were surprised to see turtles in with the alligators as in the wild they are usually lunch.

Black Crowned Crane

Meet the family.

All joking aside, it never ceases to amaze me how closely we are related.

More clowning around by OH.

Ring-tailed Lemar.


Spotted Hyena



Tigers - gorgeous creatures

Black Rhinos.

Cooling off in the mist.


As we were leaving the park we spotted this!

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