Monday, 4 August 2008

Summer Projects

Well I'm back from my month of no internet. I have cheated a little as it isn't quite the end of the month! At the beginning of the month I used the time to make these items.

Catnip mouse for Ella and Maurice. I had to hand stitch this as my machine was playing up at the time (okay now). The catnip was home-grown.

I loved the above mouse so much that I made a lavender-filled one for myself. Of course they had to be photographed on the stairs ... "I saw a mouse, where? There on the stairs." Sorry couldn't help myself!!

Cross-stitched initials on flannels.
Lavender Bottles with knitted flowers.
I re-taught myself to crochet as we were going to Florida for 3 weeks and I desperately needed some needlework that I could do on the plane. This is the centre of a star blanket for Ella to have on the sofa.
I also hand-stitched a hem around a rectangle of chiffon to make a sarong that matched one of my bikinis.

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