Friday, 28 November 2008


Pretty in Pink ... Whilst Ella was sleeping underneath a radiator (snoring for England!), Maurice crept onto her blanket. He knew he shouldn't really be there, as he jumped down the first time I tried to take a photo of him, but soon got back up again.
Tickled Pink ... At finding this book in the library and at finding this Rowan Ribbon Twist at a bargain £1 per ball. I am secretly knitting a scarf for Fay for Christmas.
I am also knitting another beaded bag, this time as a gift for Rachael. Pink again.
In the pink ... my bling Crocs that I wear indoors.
I seem to have gone overboard with pink recently, even the garden hasn't escaped!

I have also bought a taupe/cerise skirt and cerise bolero to wear at Christmas. A departure from my usual blue - I'm obviously not feeling myself and had better go and have a lie down!! I think I need to - only four weeks to Christmas and I am feeling very disorganised. Is it only me, or has Christmas crept up on anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

I've been sitting trying to work out how on earth the beads get onto the wool - LOL and DUH! Thanks to your piccie I now see how! :D

I looked at some 3mm beads in the craft shop today and they look terribly small...are they easy enough to thread on?