Monday, 22 December 2008

Almost Christmas

The presents are wrapped and I have finally finished decorating.
I managed to find a few holly berries that the birds has missed.
My kitchen flower arrangement.
The red curls are kept from year to year and all the greenery is locally sourced.

Table arrangement.
Not sure about this one.

Some mistletoe from the allotment.
Not very many berries on this either. Although it is very mild at the moment, we had a cold snap earlier and the birds seem to have eaten most of the berries around here.
I've gone OTT up the stairs this year! Glam or tacky?

My Nana's vase that I fill each year with baubles.

Just the baking to do now and the decorating of the cake. I roasted and peeled the chestnuts yesterday, ready for the nut ring that we will have on Christmas Eve and then I can have a portion of it on Christmas Day whilst everyone else has turkey.
On the bathroom front, the second bath is also scratched (scream) and another one of the work tops! OH spent the weekend removing the old basin and toilet and putting in new pipes. Hopefully he can fit the new basin and toilet after work this week. We made space in the garage for the damaged bath, so at least the living room is getting back to normal. New bath can't be delivered until January! What fun! Never mind, at least because of the damage to the old bath Fay doesn't spent hours in there and we don't have to keep asking her to hurry up because we all want a bath! There's usually a silver lining!

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