Monday, 15 December 2008

Decorating for Christmas

At the weekend I managed to get the Christmas tree decorated. As you can see it is complemented by the items sitting next to it ... a washbasin, toilet and bath!! The new bathroom suite arrived last week but unfortunately, as is often the way nowadays, there is some damage to the bath and cabinet tops, so my OH was unable to fit them at the weekend. Hopefully the new bath and tops will arrive on Thursday so that we fit them and can get the living-room tidied up for Christmas.

This is the beautifully scented, Christmas decoration that I received as part of a forum swap. I can't show the items I made as it is a Secret Santa Swap.

The children have their own small Christmas trees and each year I make them a decoration each, with their name and the year on. Here are a few of the previous years.

I'm hoping to have the rest of the decorations up by the end of the week. I'm very late this year, but at least I have finished my present shopping and only have the groceries to buy. Only 3 more days at work and then I am on holiday for a couple of weeks ... can't wait!


MrsL said...

That's a lovely idea for the decorations for the children, like that!
Hope you get your bathroom bits sorted out.


thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Mrs L. The bath and tops should arrive this afternoon - I hope they are okay this time.

Fingers-crossed, Pj xx