Thursday, 18 December 2008

Getting in the Mood

The festive mood that is! I feel as though I am finally getting organised and getting over the lurgy, only an almost constant cough left. I have done most of my grocery shopping, only fruit, vegetables, bread and dairy produce to purchase next week and the decorations are slowly going up.

Each year I place some fairy lights and holly-shaped tinsel on top of my kitchen cabinets and two twiggy, gold stars on the oven hood. These are my favourite decorations and I feel really festive baking with the fairy lights on.

My husband made this ceramic lamp 20 years ago when we belonged to a ceramic club. The painted coffee jar is waiting to be filled with snowmen-shaped marshmallows. If I put them in the jar too soon they will all be gone before Christmas week!!
I made two of these decorations yesterday, one for the landing and one in the hall, from a circle of garden wire (shaped around the top of a bucket) wrapped in tinsel and decorated with 3 glass hearts purchased from Homebase yesterday. All their decorations are reduced, these were a bargain 97p each and 3 for 2.

This morning is my last time at home, before Christmas, without anyone around so I'm off to wrap presents. Is it too early to play my Christmas songs tape?

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