Wednesday, 15 July 2009

July Nature, Weather & Greenhouse

Okay, so the title is a little iffy, but the photos in this post are quite eclectic.

Whilst getting lost on a Geocache last week we came face to face with this beauty, who wasn't at all bothered by us.

We then walked through this cornfield, which reminded me of the cornfields of my childhood with the poppies and other flowers. If I hadn't misread the directions to the cache we wouldn't have seen any of this.

Back home I spied this Six-Spot Burnet Moth on my lavender. I love moths so I took lots of photos!

In the greenhouse we have had the first cherry tomatoes, baby beetroot, radishes, lettuces and lots of basil. The chilli's are starting to develop too. The little gnome was a gift to my Grandad, from my children, one year for his garden. He has made his way back to us to live and now keeps an eye on my greenhouse. I'm not one for gnomes, but this one is special because he used to belong to my Grandad.

After the hot weather we have had a lot of rain. These pictures were taken early yesterday evening, during a thunderstorm. It rained so hard that the rain bounced in the puddles on the road and my candle-holders filled up!

More rain is forecast for the rest of the week - a typical British summer! Fingers-crossed that it improves for the summer holidays.
Just to end on a positive note - I am having a spot of summer madness at my Etsy shop - all postage is free throughout July and August to anywhere in the world.
Best wishes, Pj x


Kim said...

Your garden looks so lovely. I know how you feel about gnomes in general, but special ones with a story belong in the best of gardens :) I love the deer too, how precious :)

Kim x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kim, great to hear from you. Best wishes, Pj x