Thursday, 23 July 2009

Okay, I know this is The Snail Garden, but ...

... this is a bit cheeky!
I was working in the garden and felt something tickling my leg and this little snail was crawling up it!
The snail incident happened whilst I was planting some new Clematis. I visited the garden centre to purchase one Clematis to train up my Magnolia and came home with three!
Clematis Texensis - Princess of Wales

Clematis Viticella Purpurea - Plena Elegans

Clematis Viticella - Betty Corning

I like the small-flowered Clematis and have several dotted around my garden.

The bees have been enjoying this lavender - I have counted three different types on it.

At the end of the afternoon Jay and I were treated to our very own airshow. Two jets flew past accompanying the last flying Vulcan - it past directly over our house three times and once one of the jets was upside down!

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