Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Lazy Weekend

We started the weekend with a family visit to the cinema, on Friday evening, to see the latest Harry Potter movie - "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". Fay is a big, big fan of Harry Potter.
Then Saturday afternoon, my OH and I went for a spot of Geocaching in some local woods owned by the Nation Trust. There were lots of butterflies and fungi to be seen. J didn't join us this time - he has become addicted to Wii Fit at the moment. We are teasing him that he is trying to get some muscles to impress the girls!
I have been tying up plants in the garden. These pollen beetles, in their perfect circle, had me reaching for my camera.
Had a slight accident with this clematis whilst training it around a rose, but it is looking lovely on my kitchen windowsill. S dug up the tiny horseshoe recently at the allotment, I haven't ever seen one so small.

Today I am working on the Union Jack cushion. I am hand-stitiching the tape on to form the crosses. I have been deserted by the rest of my family :) so it is nice and quiet here for an hour. Just me , the cats and a cup of tea.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, Pj x


Eigon said...

I don't think your tiny horseshoe is a horseshoe - I think it's a clog iron. They were used to re-inforce the wooden soles of the clogs to make them last longer.
Hence also the reference to "sparking clogs" in the old song about Lowry, Matchstick Men. Kids would bang/scrape their clogs on the hard stone paving to create sparks from the clog irons.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Eigon, thank you for the information, that is really interesting as we were surprised at the size and couldn't imagine it on a horse. Best wishes, Pj x