Tuesday, 8 September 2009

August Flowers & Baking

Time for the monthly garden mosaic -
and a posy of pale, yellow sunflowers from the allotment.
Each weekend I make a sourdough loaf from my starter. This is lovely served warm with cheese or at a BBQ. This one was demolished at our BBQ Sunday night. We decided to get another BBQ in while the weather was mild and soaked some of our freshly picked sweetcorn in their husks for 15 minutes, before placing them on the BBQ. OH lit the candles as it gets dark earlier now.
I also tried a new recipe this weekend - Courgette and Oatmeal Cake. It turned out well and is another way to use up the abundance of courgettes. I sourced this recipe from the internet and will place it on My Recipes Blog soon.

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