Tuesday, 23 March 2010


As we had some "Tesco Days Out" vouchers to use, before the end of March, we went to Birdworld on Sunday, where we spent an enjoyable afternoon feeding dried mealworms to the birds.
These are just a few of the birds we saw:-

Rufous-crowned Roller

Striated Caracara
Humboldt Penguin

Greater Rhea
European White Stork

Great Grey Owl named Boris

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Rainbow-billed Toucan

Bar-headed Goose

Red-legged Seriema

Superb Starling

Blue-crowned Motmot

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
This pigeon, from Papua New Guinea, is named after Queen Victoria and is the largest pigeon in the world. Like all pigeons and flamingos it produces milk for its young.
The Birdworld website has this page with lots more interesting facts about some of the birds.

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