Friday, 16 July 2010

Last Weekend

Last Saturday, we visited East Wittering on the South Coast. It had been such a hot week, that a cooler day by the sea was very welcome.

Looking east the coast curves around to Bracklesham Bay.

Looking west, the Isle of Wight can be seen across The Solent.

The sea was unusually warm, according to my husband and son; I didn't swim in it as I don't like the usual cold water off the coast of Britain.

I do like to beachcomb though. These are the shells that I collected, both modern and fossil. The fossil shells are the beige-coloured Venericor ones at the top of the photo and the Turritella shells. They are washed up onto the beach from Bracklesham Bay.
On Sunday, we did our first Geocache of the year. We started Geocaching last year, but have been too busy so far this year to complete any caches. We love the fact that Geocaching can lead you to discover places of interest, in your locality, that you would have otherwise have been unaware of. This time we found this unusual church at Nateley Scures. Unfortunately it was closed, but there is a flower festival there this coming weekend, so we may go back for a look inside.
We then went to our allotment for some harvesting.
These gooseberries taste so sweet.
I also started to harvest my lavender. This is the harvest from one bush!
Since last weekend it has been wet, wet, wet! I have had enough of the rain now and would like some more sunshine PLEASE!

I brought a small posy of flowers in from the garden, to enjoy on my kitchen window sill. It has been very windy outside and the garden is sadly taking a bit of a battering. The weather report is looking better for Sunday, so hopefully I can harvest more lavender.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend, best wishes Pj x


Heather said...

Love your pictures. I grew up on the east and west coasts of Canada and now live near Lake Ontario, which doesn't compare to the oceans!

Tracy said...

Hi PJ I found your blog by hitting the follow button on a blog I follow. I have really enjoyed reading the last couple of entries. Would it be ok to follow you? I always ask as I do not want to intrude into somebodies private life without permision. I am happy for you to check me out first look forward to hearing from you

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Heather & Tracy, thank you for leaving a comment. Tracy you are welcome to become a follower, thank you for asking. Best wishes, Pj x

Sudeep said...

Great snaps...