Saturday, 10 July 2010

Roses and Recycling

Recently, I bought two new David Austin roses for the back garden -
Abraham Darby
and Geoff Hamilton. Newly flowering in the garden are these Regale lilies, that I planted as bulbs in the spring. I love the smell of roses and lilies.
Ella has been admiring the garden from on high.
And the sparrows have been busy eating the aphids on the climbing roses.
When it has been too hot outside this week I have been crafting indoors. I have experimented with printing on fabric and have made these two personalised gift bags from some recycled cotton sheeting. I like the earrings and bracelets so much that I am tempted to buy some for myself!
I have turned a shop bag into a gift bag with some strategically placed card, cut from an old birthday card.
And recycled a stash of old birthday and Christmas cards into gift tags. Some are simply cut out and others are layered with glue dots for a 3D effect. These are just a few of the ones I made -
I keep cards from close family members, they are too precious to cut up. After they have been displayed I save them in a box in our bedroom. As you can see I still have birthday cards up, we tend to leave them up for a few weeks.
We are off to the coast today, as it is another hot day here in the South of England. Wishing you all a lovely weekend, Pj x


the garden harlot said...

i love the cat + sky photo ! wonderful.

Hybrid said...

All great photos. I love the flower ones.

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Heather said...

I looked at your blog and read your profile. We have so much in common! Such a small world. I just started 2 blogs:
Would love to hear from you!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi there, thank you for leaving a comment. It is lovely to hear from new people. Please visit again soon. Best wishes, Pj x