Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Tour Around the Garden in July

My back garden often features in my posts, so I thought I should give you a tour of it, so that you can have a clear idea of the layout. My garden is only 43' long by 27' wide and is south-facing. It is accessed from the house via the patio door and these photos take you on a trip around the garden.

Stepping out of the patio door and looking towards the end of the garden.

From the same position, but turning to the left is the patio table and chairs. The bike isn't a permanent feature! My son is mending a puncture before he tries to sell his old bike.
Walking past the table, to the rear of the attached garage, are my pots of blueberry bushes, herbs and flowers. The greenhouse is just on the right.
To the right is the greenhouse.
Turning to the right and the view to the far corner of the garden. The greenhouse is just out of the photo to the left.
Turning around and looking back towards the patio.
Walking back past the table and looking left onto the garden.

The half sleepers are the access to the garden.

Looking left whilst on the sleepers.

Looking straight ahead whilst still on the sleepers.

Stepping onto the lawn, to the right is the east-facing flower bed.
Moving anti-clockwise around the garden, the east-facing flower bed continues. Ella can be seen enjoying the catmint!
Beyond the catmint are stepping stones through the border.

The path of stepping stones leads back to the lawn, going past the compost bin at the corner of the garden.
A single half sleeper, edged with broken terracotta crocks and mini hurdles that I bought at Great Dixter a few years ago, leads to the compost bin. The lawn roller was rescued from a disused allotment.
The north-facing border, with the shady area at the far end. I grew the hornbeam, in the corner, from a seedling and underneath it are my ferns.
The west-facing border (still going anti-clockwise around the lawn) looking from the shady corner towards the greenhouse.
And finally, looking back towards the house from the shady corner.
Since cutting down the hardy geraniums, last week, the borders are looking a little bare, but hopefully they will soon be full of colour again, once the flowers that I have grown from seed mature. All I need now is a good rain to perk up the flowers and lawn!


Suzy said...

What a beautiful, lush garden you have! Will have to get some of that cat mint for my little cat!

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Suzy. Ella loves the cat mint and it can be dried to stuff toys with also. Best wishes, Pj x

morethanthestarsinthesky said...

love your garden pics!

Amanda in Alabama