Sunday, 9 January 2011

Groundhog Day!

A few days ago I popped into our local charity shop and stumbled upon not one, but two of these gorgeous glass plates. :) It was love at first sight and unbelievably they were only £1 each.
I was also very naughty and spent a huge amount of money (and no, I'm not confessing how much!!) on Swarovski crystal and pearl beads at the Hobbycraft sale. They were being sold at an amazing 75% off. :) I have started to make this necklace for myself.
I have also made this flower-ball necklace from some glass beads I also bought at Hobbycraft.So far I have managed to keep to my crafting resolution, but I have only been swimming once this past week. Could do better!

And as to why I have called this post Groundhog Day! - Well that involves a lengthy (sorry) explanation of why I blog. It all started with my reading other people's blogs and I felt that it was only right that I should have a blog for other people to read. To me my blog is a way of meeting new people, making friends, a photo album and a diary. Paradoxically I am quite a private/shy person and yet my blog is public! My family don't know about my blog. To start with I thought I would see how long it took my husband to realise that I blogged, as we often joke about his not being very observant! Then I realised that if my family read my blog/diary that my writing of it would change and not be as true to myself as it is. So although my husband knows that I like to read blogs, he doesn't know that I have one of my own. A couple of days ago I was relating, to my husband, something that I had read on someone's blog and his comment, "You couldn't blog, because it would be like groundhog day!"

Thanks Dear!!!!!!


Sue said...

Wow, I can't believe you can keep your blogging secret from your husband! I couldn't possibly, he doesn't read it of course but I'm so proud of it I like to show him what I'm doing and read out people's comments. He does admire my pictures and takes an interest.

As for the rest of my family -my parents and brother love it. I rather wish my mum didn't know about it sometimes though. My in-laws know about it but never read it as far as I can tell.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Sue, thank you for your comment. The trouble is that if my husband knew about my blog he would definitely read it and I would be aware of that whilst posting and it would probably alter the way I write. Time will tell! Best wishes, Pj x