Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lloyd Loom Laundry Box

Earlier this week I was saying to my husband that Fay really needs her own laundry basket and this morning I discover this in the local charity shop. :) Sadly it has been covered in peach gloss paint, so it is going to need some work. A friend, who paints furniture for a living, has recommended scrubbing it with a plastic brush dipped in white spirits to try and remove the surface of the gloss paint, so that I can then repaint it in a Farrow & Ball eggshell paint. I will have to take care not to over wet it, as Lloyd Loom furniture is paper-wrapped wire and has a tendency to sag if soaked. Definitely a job for the outside, so I may wait until the weather improves. I plan to paint it in an off-white or pale grey with a touch of silver on the detailing. I will post a photo of it when finished.
If anyone has tried removing gloss paint from Lloyd Loom furniture and knows of a better method please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes, Pj x

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