Sunday, 13 March 2011

Scrapbooking Florida

Our next outing was a day at the beach. We had a relaxing day at Indian Rocks, Clearwater where we had our first sighting of pelicans. There were quite a few crabs swimming in the seaweed and I squeaked when one tried to grab the ties on my bikini bottoms!! :)
My son enjoyed playing the clown, as always and paraded around with seaweed for hair. This was also the day he tried out his new skim board and fell off!

These next two pages are from the front of my scrapbook. I'm not too happy with them and may tweak them a little. The first photo is of my children in the V Room at Gatwick. This page also contains interior shots of our holiday home and our return tickets and a luggage holder.
This page shows our holiday home and hire car and the Mickey Mouse pylon that we frequently passed on our way to Orlando.
I have already tweaked this page since taking the photo!
Next I will be scraping our day at Discovery Cove.

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