Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stanley and the Perfumed Garden

Last night I completed my March Monthly Make 2011. Annie, at The Felt Fairy, very kindly shared Cath Kidston's Stanley pattern as part of this month's challenge and this is my Stanley.
As soon as he started taking shape my husband named him Gaspode!!
So, to counteract this I put Stanley in touch with his feminine side and made a flowers and pearls collar for him. :) I have really enjoyed making him - "Thank you Annie".
Craft-wise I have also completed six pages of my Florida scrapbook. Here are two of the double page spreads depicting our day at Discovery Cove - An unforgettable day.
Yesterday afternoon I picked this heavily-scented bouquet of daffodils and narcissus from our older allotment and they are looking and smelling heavenly on our dining-table.
The front garden is being sweetly-scented by the Wild Cherry Plum
and the Purple-leaved Plum.
Whilst the back garden is being perfumed by the Hyacinths.
The Peacock and Brimstone Butterflies have been feeding off the Blue Hyacinths this week, but have flown away each time I reach for my camera!
I have never known the garden to smell so gorgeous at this time of year, it has simply been amazing. :)
Even Maurice was tempted outside to roll on the lawn in the sunshine.
Each time I go into the garden Ella accompanies me, but the rest of the time she is snuggled up in her basket, even wrapping herself up in her blanket with her mouse. :)
So sweet.

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