Thursday, 9 June 2011


At the end of May it was the half term holiday and the sun shone, my husband had a week off work and my bad back/swollen foot had improved, so we spent a few days Geocaching around Basingstoke and Winchester. What I love the most about this hobby, is that it takes you to local places that you quite possibly wouldn't otherwise explore.
We walked and walked. The wildflowers are spectacular at this time of year. We found masses of Ox-eye Daisies.
Made new friends.
And admired old architecture. This is Fairfields Primary School, a beautiful building dating from 1887.
The city wall around Winchester.
St Swithins at Headbourne Worthy. We have often driven past this lych gate and finally found the time to stop.

One of the beautifully painted under-passes around Basingstoke.

On the last day of our holiday we discovered Old Down, Basingstoke.
Wildflowers carpet the down.

We gazed at the beautiful views across the Hampshire countryside.
We walked along ancient footpaths
and found caches in ingenious places.
It was a lovely, relaxing week and as a bonus - all that walking helped to kick-start my exercise/weight loss regime. :)

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