Tuesday, 28 June 2011

June Garden

After the heat and humidity of yesterday, it was lovely to spend the evening in the garden. I pruned and tidied the garden until 10pm; I would have carried on, but the light was starting to dim.
This morning I was up early and sorted the plants in the greenhouse. Ella had a look at the results of my efforts.

This Buddleia is looking gorgeous.

Ferns in the shady corner.

Clematis Minuet is in flower

My white Agapanthus is in bud.
I love the Allium seed heads shooting up like fireworks amongst the greenery.
And Maurice just loves to tan his white bits on the lawn! :)


Gem said...

Your garden is looking beautiful and the cats, well what can I say, adorable : ) xxx

Rowan said...

You make me feel very guilty, there is so much that needs doing in my garden and I don't have the energy to garden in the evenings these days. I shall just have to enjoy your lovely flower borders instead:)