Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Good Yarn ...

Add Image Part 1. At the weekend we took the "children" to the cinema to see the final Harry Potter film.

I say "children", because they are now 16 and 19 years old! Their generation has literally grown up with Harry Potter and they were eager to see the last installment of "The Deathly Hallows".

2. Recently I mentioned that I am taking part in Laalaa's Magic Ball Swap.

Last week my ball of yarn arrived from Gem. My cheeky son said it looked like a Christmas pudding! Well it certainly felt like Christmas for me. :) Wool, chocolate and gifts - it must be Christmas. I love the tag and will probably use it in my scrapbook when I get around to scraping some pages on our trip to Paris last year.

Inside the gifts were these goodies. Thank you from me and the cats. :)

My fingers are itching to start on the yarn, but first I have some other projects to complete, including a few items for Gem's Magic Ball, which I plan to post tomorrow. Hope you like it Gem. xxx

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Gem said...

I'm sure I will love it. It was a great swap to take part in, i had so much fun wrapping up lots of little gifts inside the yarn, now I just have to look forward to un-wrapping my own surprise :) I can't wait xxx
P.S The cats couldn't go without presents he hee xxx