Sunday, 31 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

It will come as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog that I love taking photos, so when I saw the link for A Photo Scavenger Hunt on a blog I had to join in. The hunt is being hosted by Kathy of Postcards of the P.P.

As I only saw the link today - the last day of July - I had to move fast to enter the July hunt! After a look through the past month's photos I found I had photographed most of the list already. I have had to supplement the photos in a couple of instances.

1. A Flag
An easy one as I had photographed a Turkish flag whilst on holiday.
2. A Kite
Not an easy one! I could have got my son's kite out, but I decided to use a favourite photo of mine. This is my son using his kite, when it was new, on Fistral Beach in Cornwall back in 2006.
3. Celebration
Another cheat I'm afraid! We don't have any birthdays to celebrate in July and as I am entering this hunt on the last day of the month I have used a photo from the end of June. This is the cake that I made for my son's 16th birthday.
4. Fields
Back on track! :) I took this photo with my new iPhone as the plane approached Dalaman Airport.
5. Flip Flops
I don't do flip flops as I can't bear anything between my toes. Luckily my son has a pair so I took them outside for a quick photo.
6. Ice Cream
What no photos of an ice cream?! Nothing for it, but to raid the freezer! :)
7. Red, White & Blue
Beautiful tiles inside a mosque that we visited near Fethiye.
8. Seashells
I have lots of shells around my house and garden, but I wanted to use these "sea" shells that I photographed on the beach at Patara. These are Loggerhead Turtle eggshells.
9. Something that makes you Happy (not a person or an animal!)
A magnificent sunset. Aren't the colours gorgeous?
10. Stars
Four stars on the front of our hotel.
11. Strawberries
These little Alpine Strawberries are growing in my garden. I love them! :)
12. Stripes
A freebie tray designed by Celia Birtwell.
August's list is as follows if anyone wants to join in :-
a fountain
a boat
street food
a picnic
market day
a festival or funfair
something bizarre
a sport
something ancient


Gem said...

Wow, you have done really well considering you only saw the list on the last day : ) I only started this in June so have looked over Kathy's posts and am in the process of sourcing all the photos from previous lists, some are most certainly easier then others but I am getting there and it is great fun xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Gem, I couldn't resist joining in as I love taking photos. My children have groaned at me in the past saying that it takes twice as long to get anywhere, when I have my camera. :)
Best wishes, Pj x

Louise said...

I didn't see this last month but it's a great set of photos, especially as you put it all together on the last day!

I have already commented on the most recent scavenger post, I'm glad you took part again, it's great fun isn't it?!