Thursday, 28 July 2011

Let the Summer Holidays Commence!

Finally the summer holidays are here. I know I have been on holiday recently, but the past two weeks have been hectic at work; as is always the case that the end of a school year. I have worked extra hours and my routine at home has well and truly been thrown out! So over the next few days I plan to tidy and clean the house and garden.
I started yesterday with trimming some plants and sweeping the patio - it needed it as the day before I had picked 20lbs/9kgs of Old English Lavender from my allotment and sorted it into bunches on my patio.
I have cut and edged the lawn.
And have been enjoying being in the garden.
The buds on my White Agapanthus are starting to open.
One of the Sunflowers is bringing a much needed splash of sunniness into the garden.
The Astilbes have been enjoying all the rain that we have had.
My Geoff Hamilton Rose is in full bloom again.
I just wish that I had planted it nearer the patio edge so that I could smell it and not in the middle of the flower bed.
My three Buddleias are attracting lots of butterflies.
Yesterday afternoon I even gave Mini a wash and valet!
Now what am I going to do with the next six weeks?! :)
Wishing you all wonderful summer holidays, Pj xx


Gem said...

Those roses are beautiful, such a lovely colour, the garden is looking lovely as always and for the next 6 weeks you can sit out and enjoy it :) xxx

Kathy said...

Hi there welcome on board the Scavenger Hunt ... looking forward to seeing your collections! I was just browsing back through a few of your posts. Your photos from Turkey are wonderful. I went to Olu Deniz last October (very mixed weather), and thought it was lovely too. We visited the same beach with the turtles, the Blue Lagoon and the ancient tombs. We chickened out of the paragliding, but went diving instead. It was fantastic!