Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August's Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last month I joined A Photo Scavenger Hunt hosted by Kathy of Postcards from P.P.
Here are my photos for August:-
1. A Fountain
This fountain is in the courtyard of The Assembly House in Norwich.
2. A Boat
A trip down memory lane; this is the Norfolk White Boat that I used to sail on when I was younger (with an ex-boyfriend!) We saw it whilst we were out walking.
3. Mountains
I had to cheat here. During August we went to Norfolk - no mountains there! :) So this is a photo that I took last month whilst we were on holiday in Turkey.
4. Street Food
Do ice-creams count as street food? My son playing with his food!! :)
5. A Picnic
My husband and son with our picnic, whilst walking by The Norfolk Broads.
6. Market Day
Norwich Market is a permanent market. There has been a market in Norwich since Saxon times and this market site is older than any of the surrounding buildings. I can remember this flower stall being here when I was a child.
7. A Festival or Funfair
Last weekend it was The Reading Festival. I snapped these festival-goers whilst we were out for a walk beside the River Thames. I'm glad that I wasn't joining them as they had typical festival weather over the weekend - torrential rain!
8. Bread
Yummy, walnut bread with an evening meal.
9. Something Bizarre
Someone's private garden on the Norfolk coast.
Some of the sculptures were quite bizarre (I didn't like the head behind bars in the garden wall), but the overall effect of the garden was amazing.
10. Fabric
I have just bought 7 metres of this gorgeous material from Laura Ashley. We are planning to redecorate our bedroom and I will be making this fabric into curtains.
11. A Sport
As a family we aren't really into sports, but we do like walking and cycling.
Here is a photo of my Mum, looking rather sporty with her hiking poles and map. I love this photo; my Mum doesn't like having her photo taken and this is a good shot of her laughing at me.
12. Something Ancient
At the end of our week in Norfolk we visited Grimes Graves and went down a Neolithic Flint Mine.
and just for a laugh ...
13. A Norfolk Mountain
Beeston Bump - 207 feet above sea level!
Beeston Bump is the remaining one of two hills that were created during the last ice age.


Alison said...

Brilliant pics - welcome to the scavenger hunt - it is great fun doing it and seeing everyone's lovely pics.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, I love the bizarre sculptures.

Louise said...

haha, I love number thirteen!! You have some nice photos here. Grimes Graves looks like an interesting place, must remember it if I go to that area one day!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Wonderful entries! You began last month and I fizzled out last month, but am back on track for August. Love the "street food" photo...very cute!!

ellen's 52 said...

The mountain is great - I live in Norfolk so gave up on mountains altogether (using Alpine plants as a very poor imitation!).
Great pics :-)

Mel said...

Great photos! I really like the mountains, bizarre and the ancient photos.

Country Girl said...

I've climbed the Beeston Bump! Nearest you get to a mountain in East Anglia.

"Petunia Pill" said...

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! I love seeing snippets of life from all the contributors! It's like a mini vacation to all sorts of places I might never have the chance to see if it weren't for all the great photos! I especially love the one of your Momma! Warm hello...Annette