Thursday, 4 August 2011

June, July and now August!

Usually I start my monthly mosaic post with something like "... another month has gone by", but this time two months have gone by!!!
So it's catch-up time ...
June 2011
June is birthday month here and my baby turned 16. The roses and lilies bloomed in the garden and the cats enjoyed the sunshine between the showers.
July 2011
July was dominated by our holiday in Turkey. Such a beautiful country.
Once we were back home I was very busy at work, but still found time to do some baking and gardening, including harvesting lots of lavender from our allotment. We also saw the final Harry Potter film "The Deathly Hallows - Part 2".
On the crafting front in July, I took part in Laalaa's Magic Ball Swap and made a few items for my swap partner, but I can't show them here as I don't want to spoil the surprise.
August 2011
And now it is August. This beauty has appeared at the top of our road - serious camper van envy here. I gaze longingly at it as I do the dishes!! :)
I found this vase in the local charity shop. I seem to be collecting pressed glassware; it wasn't intentional, but I can't resist giving pieces I see a good home! :)
This week my husband has hung up the two lanterns that we purchased in Turkey. He plans to light them electrically and eventually we hope to find a third lantern of a different design to hang between these two. I have mentioned to my OH that I would like to visit Morocco!! :)
I think I have finally caught up! Oops, I almost forgot - I have posted a new recipe on my other blog for Chocolate and Courgette Muffins.
We have a glut of courgettes and I adapted a muffin recipe to use some of them. My children don't like courgettes, but they like these. :)
Hope you like them too.
Best wishes, Pj x


Gem said...

Wow you have been busy. I received my parcel last night, it looks amazing, very, very pretty thank you so much, it smells rather good as well :) I will be blogging about this very soon xxx

Mac n' Janet said...

Love the lanterns, will try your recipe too.