Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bees and Butterflies

Help!  The summer holidays are flying by!!  I can't believe that there are only two weeks left!!!
Last week my husband had some time off work and we were out and about on day trips.  One of those trips was to Hinton Ampner, a National Trust property in Hampshire.  It was a really hot day and we were glad to be able to cool off in the lovely house.
The gardens were beautiful.  The two gardeners must work very hard to keep everything looking so good.
 A highlight of the visit was the amount of butterflies and bees in the garden.  It hasn't been a good year for butterflies, but the hot sunshine had brought them out.
 Whilst photographing the butterflies I heard a rustling in the border and this gorgeous puss emerged for a fuss.  How could we resist! :)
We plan to return for more visits in the autumn, winter and spring to see the garden throughout the seasons.

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