Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kew Gardens

Recently my husband won annual tickets to Kew Gardens for two people, so on Sunday we packed a picnic and drove to London.  It was surprisingly quiet and we managed to park not far from the gate.
Our first port of call was the Palm House.  I love this Victorian wrought-iron building.  After walking at ground level we climbed the spiral stairs to the walkway high in the middle section of the glasshouse.
 Then we went into the basement to admire the fish in the aquarium.
It turned out to be another hot day, there wasn't even a breeze up at treetop level on the walkway!
There were sculptures by David Nash dotted around the garden.

We went into Queen Charlotte's Cottage; built just for picnics!

Clockwise - Temple of Aeolus, Davies Alpine House, Minka House, Pagoda
 The Princess of Wales Conservatory.  There are huge catfish in the centre pond inside.
The flower beds were beautiful and there were giant Olympic Rings in front of The Orangery
We spotted a few critters wandering around the garden.
 And if I ever wondered where my son got his sense of humour from ...
... I don't have to look far!! :)


Stins said...

What a beautiful pictures!
And boys will be boys.... ;-)

Mac n' Janet said...

Thanks for the visit to Kew, It's been a long time since we were there, and it was quite hot when we visited too.

Maria said...

Hello, looks like a fab day out,aww and a sunshine day too, how wonderful!!
We have 'window crying weather' here in the North West...
Have a weekend full of loveliness!!
LoVE Maria x

Suz Pinner said...

Looks like a great day out for you all, thanks for sharing