Monday, 6 August 2012

Raining Cats & Dogs!

For the past few days we have had some very heavy showers of rain!
In between the showers the sun has been hot and yesterday we spotted a High Atmospheric Rainbow.

In the greenhouse we have harvested our first Tomatoes.

Still waiting for the Chillis to grow bigger!
I purchased some half-price fruit bushes at the garden centre.  Two Blackcurrant bushes for the new allotment and a pot of mixed berries - a Loganberry, a Tayberry and a Blackberry which we will plant in the fruit cage at the old allotment.  Also I bought some early-season Strawberry plants in the sale.
Whilst weeding a found this little Toad - so sweet!  He hopped into the runner bean bed - I hope he eats up all the slugs and snails!
This Gatekeeper Butterfly was resting on a bean-pole, warming her wings in the sunshine.
I planted out some Leeks and puddled them in.
Down the centre of two raised beds I planted some Purple-sprouting Broccoli.
I harvested a few Beans and a Courgette from the new allotment and my Husband picked these Peas from the old allotment.  I like shelling peas, it always takes me back to the summers of my childhood when I would shell peas with my Mum in the garden.

In the kitchen this weekend I baked some Blondies,

Banana Crunch

and a Chocolate Sponge.  I filled it with Peppermint Butter-cream and topped it with a Dark Chocolate Ganache and Fondant Daisies.
Craft-wise I knitted these Lavender Sachets.  They are decorated with the ribbon roses that I recently received as part of a swap and filled with Lavender from the old allotment.  They were knitted whilst I was watching The Olympics - or at least in between the moments when I was almost bouncing up and down on the sofa willing Team GB to win! :)

I have also made some other items as part of another swap, but they are a secret for now.
Best wishes, Pj x 


Tangled Sweetpea said...

Scrummy baking Pj! Your chocolate topped cake looks so pretty.
Victoria xx

Jooles said...

Wow...your garden is doing well, nothing tastes better than homegrown.
I know what you mean, i was trying to crochet whilst watching the very tricky with all the excitement!
love jooles x

joanne said...

My garden has gone wild with all this rain!! Yours looks fantastic!
I love the look of that chocolate cake, the filling and frosting sound delicious!

Deb Hickman said...

Gorgeous photo's, you're doing well in your garden, love fresh produce. Those little lavender hearts are so pretty. Enjoy the rest of your week. Deb x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments. Best wishes, Pj x