Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Outside ...
... it is so cold today, but oh so beautiful.
 Jack Frost has painted everything in sparkling white.

 The oak trees look magical,

 the ice crystals are as spiky as the brambles they decorate
 and the teasels are draped in frozen cobwebs.
 Truly a winter wonderland!
 Inside ...
... keeping warm with my two cats, I have unwrapped the Christmas decorations
 and placed them on the tree.
 More decorations are going up today.

As well as decorating, I have been enjoying more of Laalaa's Advent Swap with my swap partner Ellie :-
Day 8
My gift from Ellie - a gorgeous padded coat hanger.
 My gift to Ellie - Roma scent.
 Day 9
My gift from Ellie - Ginger biscuits equal a happy husband in this house! :)
My gift to Ellie - A silver scarf.
 Day 10
My gift from Ellie - For two very happy cats.
 My gift to Ellie -  A X-stitch kit.
 Day 11
My gift from Ellie - Mini scented candles.
 My gift to Ellie - Crocheted snowflakes.
 Day 12
My gift from Ellie - A lovely kitten mug with my favourite design on,
 filled with chocolates.
 My gift to Ellie - Snowmen baking cases.
Thank you Ellie for my lovely gifts this week, you are truly spoiling me.
Pj x

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Jooles said...

such beautiful wintry photos, makes me shiver!
lovely goodies
love jooles x930