Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent Swap 2012

Recently I joined Laalaa's Advent Swap and during November I was busy making and sourcing items for my swap partner Ellie of Jelly Jam.
I forgot to take a photo of the wrapped parcels that I sent to Ellie, but these are labels that I made for the swap.

 Here are the parcels that I received from Ellie neatly contained in a painted crate; such a clever idea!
 Day 1 - My gift from Ellie was an adorable kitten brooch.
 These are the mini stockings that I sent.  Ellie has two young daughters, so they were in my thoughts when I made some of the gifts.
 Day 2 - More sweet kittens!  I am such a cat person that this couldn't fail to please and it is in my favourite colour blue!
 The gift that I sent for day 2.
 I also made a card to go with the parcels.
 This is such a fun swap.  It is many (many!!) years since I had an advent calendar, but I am feeling the same excitement each morning opening my gifts as I did when opening the calendar windows when I was a child.  Each day is a step closer to Christmas!

 Still getting ready for Christmas, this week I made my Ice Cream Christmas Pudding.  The recipe can be found here.  It is wrapped and in the freezer, awaiting the boozy Rum and Raisin Sauce to be poured over it!
 I've almost finished decorating.  I have sewn the curtains for Fay's bedroom
 and hung up the new light.
 I have also put up new shades in the hall and at the top of the stairs.
Today I am sprucing up the living-room with a lick of paint and next weekend I plan to put up the Christmas decorations.
I so love Christmas!

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Jelly Jam said...

Glad you like your 'P'! I took a photo of the box you sent me and I've popped it on my blog today. Looking forward to tomorrow.