Tuesday, 15 April 2014

If you go down to the woods today ...

... you'll find them full of wildflowers.
We found a patch of Lady's Smock on the edge of the woods.  I think there is one of these plants now growing in my garden too.
 The stars of the woodlands at the moment are the Bluebells.
They form a carpet of blue throughout many of the local woodlands at this time of year.

 Both of my children are home from university now and they each noticed that here they are surrounded by nature rather than concrete - their words.  Fay said she could immediately smell the trees as she stepped out of the car on arriving home and Jay noticed the bird song, including the local Tawny Owls that were making a lot of noise the other night!  City living has made them appreciate how much nature we have here right on our doorstep.
Jay has always liked going for walks in the woods and is still a typical boy when it comes to climbing the trees and carrying sticks; the only difference is that the sticks have gotten a lot bigger! :)
We walked out of the woods and along the footpath, where the banks are covered in Primroses,
 Wood Spurge

 and Violets.
 Our destination was this patch of Wild Garlic or Ransomes.  We picked some leaves to take home to eat.
Our route back home was through the woodland again.  I stopped to collect some twigs for an Easter wreath.  Jay laughingly said, "Who is now playing with sticks?!" :)

 The ferns are beginning to unfurl beside the path home.
We are blessed to have all of this on our doorstep.

On an altogether different note; I have decided to join Bloglovin' now that Google Reader is no longer available.  I have added a button on this blog's side bar and on My Recipe blog too.  I used Google Reader myself and I think it is a shame that it has been stopped.  If you are already a follower on Google Reader it does still work, but it won't accept new followers.  Please bear with me whilst I find my way around Bloglovin'.
Best wishes, Pj x


Jane said...

Great photos Pj, the woods is such a lovely place this time of year, I was in our local woods yesterday and remembered to take my camera with me (usually forget). Wish we could capture the bluebell scent too! Have a lovely week.
Jane x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Jane, thank you for visiting. The woods smell gorgeous here too. Happy Easter, Pj x