Monday, 21 April 2014

Our Easter

 Our Easter has included an overdose of chocolate! :)  With Fay and Jay home for the holidays I have been making lots of goodies for them.  This ice-cream cake is a favourite of Fay's.
 I baked a chocolate cake and decorated it with a design I had seen on Pinterest.

 Slightly healthier - carrot muffins,
with a chocolate bunny!  Okay, not so healthy! :)
We have been for lots of walks and tested out some of the new exercise trail in the village.
I collected some fallen twigs from one walk and made an Easter bunny wreath.
 Good Friday afternoon we when on a long walk.  Even though we live in a modern village we are surrounded by nature.  Many wild flowers grow beside the paths

and there are copses within the village.
We are fortunate to be able to just step out of our door and into some beautiful woodland beside the village

 and into some stunning countryside.
 The next village even held a surprise for us; we hadn't seen this sculpture before.
 Jay couldn't resist the playground! :)

 Turning back for home we walked through the same woods and made some new discoveries.
 Jay and I stalked this Roe Deer Stag.
 He seemed quite happy that we weren't a threat and carried on munching the trees.

 Beside this ancient route we saw a Druid singing to the trees.  Something I certainly didn't expect!
 I thought this looked like a heart and my Husband thought it looked like a hart!

 We foraged a few leaves of wild garlic for our tea
 and some primroses and violets to crystallize.  The leaves are mint from the garden.
The flowers were for our Simnel cake on Easter Sunday.

 And of course being Easter there had to be more chocolate.
 I filled a nest with chocolate
 and hung some in crocheted baskets on the twig tree.
 Easter Sunday we gave our children their chocolate "egg".  This year, instead of a large egg, I bought lots of smaller treats and wrapped them up in a gift bag for each of them.
I'm back to work tomorrow so that is my holiday over, but Fay and Jay are still going to be here for the rest of the week.
Happy Easter to you all, Pj x


Mac n' Janet said...

There can never be too much chocolate! Loved the wreath bunny.

Chel C said...

Oh where to start PJ! Your photos of your walk are stunning, and your cakes - bad day to start my diet! All I can do is drool at your pictures xx

Katie said...

Hi pj. Do you know what? Every son/daughter in the world would wish you were their mummy if they read this and saw the fun you guys have! I love easter, everything about it. Keep having fun. Love katie x

thesnailgarden said...

Katie, thank you that is such a lovely compliment. Chel I so need to diet! Once my children are back at uni I'm not baking any more cakes! Janet, I think I may have had too much chocolate - I'm actually looking forward to my diet! :)
Best wishes, Pj x