Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tulip Time

Last week Jay and I visited the RHS garden at Wisley to see the spring flowers.
First we walked through the spring woodland garden at Battleston Hill and admired the camellias and rhododendrons.
Camellia x williamsii Debbie

 Rhododendron Ginny Gee

Then we moved onto the main attraction - the tulips.
 "New Design" - I think this is one I have in my back garden.
 These are a few more that I would like - 
 "Vincent van Gogh" - this one starts out white.
 "Red Hat"
 "Flaming Baltic"
 "Russian Princess"
 "Candy Prince"
 "Shirley Dubbel"
 "Flaming Flag"
 "Tender Whisper"
 "Zampa Parrot"
I think I need a bigger garden! :)
The Alpine Meadow was looking very pretty
 as were the plants in the Alpine Houses.  I particularly liked these two Auriculas -
 "Pass Me By"
 We wandered around the rest of the garden
and then it was time to drive home.

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